Home Improvement & Outdoor Service Management

We Offer Specialized Maintenance Programs for Home and Business Owners To Improve and Manage Their Outdoor Services Year Round. 

  • Winter 

Snow removal and ice melt application to keep properties safe from snow becoming slippery ice, Christmas decoration, installation and removal of Christmas lights.

  • Spring   

Spring cleanup to wake up turf from cold winter, first lawn fertilization to encourage growth  and healthy root development. Mowing maintenance at 3 inches height to maintain proper length. Home Gutter inspection for proper water drainage for the spring rain water flow and weed control application to keep the turf green and free from undesirable weeds. Landscape Maintenance by pulling growing weeds out of the garden beds and proper trimming of bushes and flowers.

  • Summer  

Continues maintenance of turf mowing at 3.5 inches with sharp blades to insure the resistance of summer heat drought and continues maintenance of the landscape.

  • Fall   

Beginning stage of fall leaf clean up as needed, Last fertilization for the turf. Core aeration to encourage air to flow through root system before winter cold drought. Home Gutter system maintenance clean out thoroughly to winterize. Winterize Landscape and clean out garden beds. Final fall clean up at the last week of fall season.

  • Professional Assistance From Midwest Laboratories.

  • 4 week test-drive guarantee! Try the program without risk or worry and make changes that fit your needs!

Imagine coming or going to a place with no worries, free of stress- a place where your awareness can be transfer to the tasks that are more important to you, your family or your business. That's the idea behind our Home Improvement and Outdoor Service Management program. Our Team of highly train experts utilize proper blend of techniques, equipment and systems to improve and manage your property appearance year round.

We believe that you, your home and your business should have the opportunity to improve and simplify the task year round. We want help you manage and improve your Home or Business appearance so you can focus all your energy on other daily tasks. 

Measurable Results

As soon as we start investing time maintaining your property you will notice the results. We have develop a system that we will take pictures at the beginning all the way to the end of the year to show the home or business owner the measurable results as the season go by. 

We also schedule visits to their desire day and choice of morning or afternoon on the days from Tuesday-Saturday. The Visit they would like for our team to come by and work on their property that most property owners preferred coming to a property already properly maintain.

How We Create Great Experiences

Our entire team utilizes technology to its highest potential to serve property owners well. we to stay communicated for changes, instruction and procedures with property owners via Email, Phone, Text and Social Medias as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Link in and many more. We systematize are square payment system to accommodate for clients convenience by enrolling credit and debit cards on file for automatic payments. We also use Markate software to notify customers when our team has arrive to the property and started working on their property.

There is a great deal more information about this program that we do not include on our website. So if you live in Mid Missouri Marshall, Sedalia, Columbia, Independence, Malta Bend, Slater and are interested in joining our program, or if you like to find out how else we can help improve and manage your property. Schedule your appointment so we can build your own package according to your needs. You can get your information packet for FREE by using one of the 3 convenient ways listed below.

To Get More Information

Simply pick the method that works best for you.

  1. You can call me directly at (660) 851-1808 and ask us anything you want.


            2.   You can text (660) 851-1808 24/7.

            3.   You can fill out the "quick request" form below and we'll send a technician out to your door to build you a package.

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